You are a soul-eater.
I am consumed.
You sucked me dry.
All my life blood.
Leaving me a shadow of my former self.
I cannot live.
I haven't the strength.
You drained me completely.
Now I haven't the energy.
To stand and carry on.
You took my life from me.
You left me with nothing.
Now I am here naked, cold and alone.
I live in fear  of ridicule and judgement.
I don't want any labels put on me.
The abuse would be too much for me.
So here I am.
Introverted and quarantined.
Locked in a prison of my own making.
In a cell of six walls, no windows, no door.
You're the one who drove me here.
You got to me, you got to my mind.
Just leave me deranged.
Violent means lead to a violent end.
I am angry.
I am hateful.
I am enraged.
This is how I suffer.
This is my sorrow.
Is not this the way you'd have me?
This is the way I am.
Naked, cold, and alone.


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