I can feel You holding me.
Even when I don't think I do.
I can hear You softly whisper to me.
Even when I din't think I do.
Truth is, You are always with me.
And that's a fact.
I know there is no denying.
But I still do. 
Just like when the rooster crowed.
I still think I doubt.
I still wander away.
Looking for, I don't know what.
It fills me with such sorrow.
To know I cause You great sorrow.
I know that You love me.
But I can't explain why I do what I do.
I just do, without giving it a single thought.
Still You remain.
Right here by my side.
Forever faithful.
Day or night.
I can see Your light shining down on me.
Even when I try to turn a blind eye.
There's no deterring You.
Nothing can stand between us.
And I do try.
I don't know why.
I can always know that You will be here for me.
I can always know that You are here with me.
You will never say good-bye to me.
You will always be loving me.
Even when I don't You.
In my heart I am grateful.
I don't even want to think where I'd be,
  without You.
I know I am nothing apart from You.
And I don't ever want that.
Forever with me, faithfully.


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