Handed over as a criminal.
Tormented and tortured.
Flesh was torn from flesh.
Covered in free flowing blood.
Mocked with a crown of thorns 
  placed upon His brow.
Led away, had dung and refuse thrown at Him.
Carried His own cross.
Salt and vinegar were pored on His wounds.
He drank sour wine.
His broken body was placed on the cross of 
  splintered wood.
Rusty spikes were nailed into His wrists
  and ankles.
Slowly suffocated, He could not lift His broken
  body to breathe.
Some laughed and made jest.
Some mourned, crying out loud.
The sky turned blacker than black, 
  then it cracked.
One could almost hear God's heart break.
As the veil in the temple fell, rent in two.
The ground heaved.
As He cried "IT IS FINISHED!"
With that God's own Son gave up His spirit 
  unto death.
All grew deathly still.
As He was lowered down, wrapped in linen, and
  carried away.
Only to be placed in a borrowed tomb.
The opening blocked by a mighty stone.
The Lord of lords, the King of kings was dead.
Three days past.
The stone was found shattered into dust.
The tomb found empty for the shroud 
  that had wrapped Christ's body.
Nailed, dead, risen.
He had risen!
Then gave His Spirit to comfort all generations 
  to follow.
The prophecy fulfilled!
Sins forgiven to whosoever believed Him 
  their Saviour.
The Way, the Truth, the Life.


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